Our Story

Everyone has a story, you have a story and your business has a story either told or untold. We too have our own history and story.

We Improve Your Business

Tarakilishi Cloud is built on the belief that today’s business challenges can be solved using smarter technology solutions.

Since 2011, Tarakilishi Cloud has worked with numerous small and medium-size businesses across various industries in Kenya to design and develop business application solutions for web, desktop, and mobile platforms. We pride ourselves in having a diverse team composed of business and technical experts whose synergy brings out solutions that are not only technically reliable but also make business sense.

We are passionate about technology for business and we use our combined knowledge to make our clients’ businesses more efficient, robust and profitable.


Prioritizing you as a client is something we do every day. Many have given feedback on how happy they are for choosing us.

Mrs Minnie Wanyiri

My business was in a crisis and i didn't know what to do but when i contacted Tarakilishi Cloud and had them come over to my business to identify the problem my business has never been the same thankyou Tarakilishi Cloud.

Mrs Minnie Wanyiri,
Mr Sirma Chirchir

Your services are the best. I will Always choose tarakilishi Cloud and definitely give referrals.

Mr Sirma Chirchir,