Shared web hosting in Kenya

Shared web hosting in Kenya

In the last few years, shared web hosting in Kenya has evolved to become one of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tools for companies and business enterprises. The use of this digital strategy to make known the products and services of a company are proving to yield fruits. With the growing diverse needs of the clients, the whole concept of web hosting has evolved to accommodate such needs. Different services of web hosting such as shared, dedicated, reseller, VPS, and cloud hosting are as a result of this evolution. This article will expound in depth the concept of shared web hosting in Kenya. The widespread use of shared web hosting in Kenya is because the economy is backed by SMEs who plays a very vital role in the economic growth of the nation.  With the need to fully and effectively compete for resources and market, these small enterprises have realized the need to market online and shared web hosting is ideal to meet this need.

What is shared web hosting in Kenya?

Perhaps you have heard your business partners or fellow marketing executives talk about how their shared web hosting packages have made their marketing easier. Shared web hosting in Kenya and anywhere else is not as complicated as you think. Shared web hosting is a service that is provided by the host companies through online computers called servers. These servers offer basic requirements such as disk space, power, and internet connectivity to ensure that all websites are running efficiently. With shared web hosting service, a single server will accommodate many customers’ websites ranging from hundreds to thousands of websites.

Shared web hosting in Kenya is the most common due to the cheap cost of setup and maintenance. The little amount of money required is due to the shared cost amongst all the users who use the same server. The basic functionality of shared web hosting is reduced compared to other web hosting plans since all websites accommodated in this server share one CPU, a single hard drive, one source of power and a single internet connectivity tool to handle respective websites traffic. When one requests a disk space in the shared web hosting utility, the disc space can be used to store web pages, graphics, text files, audio media and many more which can be retrieved upon command.  Shared web hosting in Kenya is very reliable to people who expect little online traffic as the server can handle and respond accordingly.

Pros and Cons of shared web hosting in Kenya

The use of shared web hosting in Kenya has various advantages and disadvantages for the user. Shared web hosting is cheap compared to other packages since all websites share the server maintenance costs. This plan of hosting is convenient with people who do not anticipate considerable data traffic. Shared web hosting is most suitable for personal use such as blogs. The last benefit of shared hosting is that regardless of websites on the same server, the performance of one’s website is not compromised. Shared web hosting in Kenya has several limitations such as malware threats from other websites on the same server, lack of root access, slower speed if other websites have higher traffic and small disk allocation. It is, therefore, crystal clear that shared web hosting in Kenya can play a role in personal blogging and digital marketing at very convenient terms.