Reseller hosting in Nairobi

Thinking of Reseller Hosting in Nairobi?

Do you think of having a web host to have your websites online and at the same time open a business venture by giving your acquaintances a chance to be available online? If you are planning to have larger online traffic and an epic host branding, then reseller hosting in Nairobi is appropriate to nature this dream.  Reseller hosting is gaining prominence with the advance in technology coupled with the growing demand for web hosting by individual and corporate clients. Reseller hosting in Nairobi is a platform whereby one can utilize the basic web hosting resources of the parent web hosting company and redistributes such allocated resources to other interested clients who wish to have a website. These resources available to the reseller include disk space, bandwidth, and a certain level of root control, control panel and capability to brand your company.

Reseller Hosting in Nairobi appropriate for me?

Many people have joined the bandwagon of digital marketing, but very few understand the available web hosting plans that best suits their individual needs. Understanding the features of each web hosting package will undoubtedly help one to make the most appropriate decision depending on the characteristics of your website needs. Reseller hosting in Nairobi is very suitable for designers as they can offer subsidized web hosting services to their clients. The workability and approach of reseller hosting in Nairobi are very simple since the host and reseller agree on the terms by which to resell the web space. They can decide for example, that for every new client the reseller registers, he pays a fixed rate to the host company.

Reseller hosting assumes slightly different features depending on the host company. However, in spite of the few differences that these companies have, all reseller hosting services have many common characteristics that harmonize the nature of this hosting. These selves include robust bandwidth, ample hard drive space, easy to use control panel interface whereby one can customize the appearance of the website to meet individual needs. Also, a reseller can be able to modify their hosting to assume similar features as those with the original hosting company. Many of reseller hosting in Nairobi allows one to manage basic plans such as disk allocation to the distributed clients and also the freedom to charge prices for the service.

Merits and demerits of Reseller Hosting in Nairobi

Reseller hosting has many unlimited advantages to the reseller and the clients who seek this particular web hosting plan. Marketing consultants, web site designers, graphic designers and database programmers can use this reseller program to connect with their clients. Since most companies offer this plan to resellers on a wholesale price, reseller hosting in Nairobi can be cheaper than cloud and dedicated web hosting. However, since reseller hosting is not directly monitored by the parent host company, support to clients may not be efficient. For a person who needs a website with high traffic or hosting big files, reseller hosting is not appropriate since the disk space allocated by the reseller is small. There are several reseller hosting companies in Nairobi and one need to be assertive when choosing the service provider.