Domain names in Kenya

Domain names in Kenya

Domain name is perhaps the most crucial part of your website. When choosing the name that internet surfers will need to access your site, you should consider using an understandable domain. Domain names in Kenya are online web naming facilities provided by different registered service providers. A domain name is a specific address conventionally used to locate your website/ computer. During the initial stages of internet use, IP addresses were the primary reference point for computers. Nevertheless, the robust increase in the number of internet users, Internet Protocol (IP addresses) becomes more complicated to use. Although IP is unique for all computers, they contain a series of numbers that are hard to memorize. The use of domain plays an alternative approach of surfing the internet whereby; you don’t need to remember the IP addresses.

Utilities of domain names in Kenya

Most people confuse a web domain name and the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). URL is the reference address that redirects the user where to find a specific document (or a string) in web pages. On the other hand, a domain name is contained within the URL and is the reference point of your website over the World Wide Web. Domain names in Kenya are controlled by DNS (Domain Name System) which is an online server that monitors all domain names in the world. Additionally, a DNS server incorporates all domain names and their corresponding hostnames to harmonize how websites function.

Three major components make up the structure of a domain name, using an arbitrary example;

Www- is a sub-domain prefix abbreviating World Wide Web

myname- signifies the sub-domain

.com- this signifies the Top-level-Domain (TLD)

The conventional naming procedure of domain names is from right to left whereby the TLD occupies the highest level in the domain hierarchy system. TLD assures that the end user can navigate the website with much ease. There are two major categories of top-level domains; the generic TLDs (.com, .net, etc.) or country code TLDs (.Ke, .Uk, etc.). Since the generic TLDs are conventionally acceptable, it is prudent to use them when registering domain names in Kenya. With the increase in the number of online websites, it is advisable to choose a unique domain name. When selecting the name of your domain, the underlying need is to reach out to your clients hence the domain name should entail the keywords of your website.

Why choose domain names in Kenya?

A website for your business increases your capacity to market your products, make a brand for your company as well as tap into the unexpected opportunities. Having a good website without proper navigation tools is like having a house without an address. There are many online vendors who sell domain names in Kenya. Many web hosting companies will also extend the service of domain registration so that you operate on the same hosting account. When choosing domain names in Kenya, let your domain tell the client the service you are offering. The simplicity and objectivity of your domain name will guarantee immense company success.