Dedicated hosting in Nairobi

Dedicated hosting in Nairobi

Dedicated server hosting is whereby one entity leases the whole server from the host. One client gets full rights of the server resources hence the word dedicated comes from this functionality. Dedicated hosting in Nairobi is a service that is sought after by big companies and industries. Dedicated servers are admirable since the customer have the full control of the physical server. The owner of the dedicated server has the full control over the functionality of the website, can change the operating system or the hard disc. Dedicated servers are housed by the service provider in the data center but reserved explicitly for one site.

How dedicated hosting in Nairobi works

For any website that you expect to have many spikes of traffic in future, dedicated web hosting is the best for you. Dedicated servers are the most flexible when it comes to handling traffic since there is no limit on resources. The customer is accorded full control over the hardware and software part of the server. You acquire full rights to control your website functionalities without fear of interference. If you are looking for dedicated hosting in Nairobi, then you have the assurance of quality and no doubt of data corruption. Dedicated hosting can take the form of managed or unmanaged plans. The differences are in the support the host provides to the customer.

Benefits of dedicated hosting in Nairobi

Dedicated servers come with unlimited benefits due to its independence approach to web hosting. Dedicated hosting is a strong foundation for websites that need to store unlimited data, have full control and security assurance. Following are some benefits you are assured of if you have dedicated hosting in Nairobi.

Full control: The owner is given absolute rights to manage the server according to the needs of the website. You can add any functionality that you require, customize and choose the operating system that fits your needs.

Secure: The use of dedicated server assures you of data privacy and confidentiality. In contrast to shared hosting, only your website is on the server hence no threat of malware. Full control of the server is an assurance of security since no unauthorized party can access the server.

High performance: Since the only traffic that the physical server experience is from a single website, the performance of your site stays high. Dedicated servers are reliable since all server resources are directed to one site hence downtime are rare.

Unlimited: You have the full access o server resources oh hardware, software and network connectivity. This means that it is possible to store big data, complex applications without depleting server resources. The unlimited bandwidth assures you that no amount of traffic will cause your website to be slow.

Hence if you wish to have a reliable uptime website, then dedicated hosting in Nairobi is the best solution. If your projections show that you will have many spikes in future, it is wise to choose the most appropriate hosting plan.

Concerns about dedicated hosting in Nairobi

Despite the goodies of dedicated servers, this package has its drawbacks. Cost is the most prominent concern when it comes to dedicated hosting in Nairobi. The initial costs to acquire the full server are high compared to all other hosting packages. The maintenance of dedicated servers is complicated as it requires technical experience to maintain. If your website is not very busy, then you end up paying for features you don’t need. But big data handling companies who wish to join the bandwagon of hosting, a dedicated server is the prime choice.