Dedicated and VPS Hosting in Kenya

Dedicated and VPS Hosting in Kenya

Many business owners are demanding web hosting services at an escalating rate. In our daily activities of running our organizations, we face challenges of increasing demand for our services. Web hosting is an excellent platform for any entity that offers public service to adopt. When you have a good working website, there is ease in functionalities of the company/business. Great sites are a consequence of prudent hosting plans that support your online presence. For startups, shared web hosting is the most appealing package of hosting but with growth; you need to upgrade to better plans. Dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya are the two premium alternatives at your disposal, but which of the two is best for you?

Dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya- what is the right choice?

One needs to be very assertive not to make a mistake when it comes to making the choices of asset investment. Selecting the most appropriate hosting plan for your business is of importance. Having an ever available, secure and fast website signifies excellent branding, more profits and exceptional efficiency in service delivery. As opposed to shared hosting, both VPS and dedicated hosting are faster, more secure, reliable and offers the best performance; but what is the line between the two? Your online customers will buy your services if and only if, the website is attractive, easy to navigate and meeting their needs in time. When your site is unavailable, or it’s slow then it means you are at the risk of losing clients.

Comparison between dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya

Server resources

The hosting company rent the whole server resources to a single dedicated account holder. When you opt for dedicated hosting, it means that you possess all the server resources alone without any monitoring or interference. With VPS hosting, one physical server is partitioned into several “virtual” servers, and the host reserves each portion for a single website. Virtualization means that you operate an online dedicate server when using a VPS hosting plan. The only difference with dedicated hosting is the limited access to server resources, but the approach is similar.

Cost and skill requirements

In contrast with shared hosting, dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya are costly when purchasing them. But comparing the two packages, VPS is cheaper as multiple users pay server costs. Dedicated server demands maintenance cost of the physical server as opposed to the virtual server in VPS hosting. The host does not provide maintenance for the dedicated server; it is upon the user to see that the server is in good shape. Conversely, VPS host provider maintains the physical server and might also administer the virtual server at a cost.


Dedicated servers are undoubtedly the most secure hosting plans you can get. Since you control all server resources and traffic, it means there are minimal threats to virus infection. Regardless that VPS has individual allocates (portions); there is a significant percentage of virus bypass between allocates. However, the almost non-existent threats do not make VPS hosting insecure to use.


Dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya packages are reliable in comparison with shared hosting as they operate independently with substantial server resources. Since the dedicated server has more resources than VPS hosting, it displays better performance when dealing with high traffic. The sole control of the dedicated server, company administrator, makes server and site updates in time.

Configuration and Customization

Since you have the root access to the software and hardware of the server, you have the authority to configure settings as you want. When your needs change, it is upon you to choose and custom9ize the server to your satisfaction. With VPS hosting such configurations are not possible since you do not have access to the physical server. You can, however, customize the virtual server to meet your needs.

How to decide between dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya

It is hard to decide between dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya due to the similar features of the two packages. However, it is prudent to takes VPS hosting if your company is not generating enough capital to support a dedicated server. If you are running an online enterprise VPS hosting will serve you right. When it comes to handling sensitive information like bank or confidential information, dedicated hosting is best for you. A dedicated server offers peace of mind and assures you that no outside threat can interfere with your data.