Creating a website in Kenya

Creating a website in Kenya

The process of creating a website in Kenya can be challenging to newbies who may not have relevant skills. However, with the advancement in technology, most of these workings are simplified. If you wish to board the bandwagon of web hosting, it is then imperative that you have a good website. Creating a website in Kenya involves few steps which are comfortable in approach and implementation. If you lack in the technical skills of creating a website in Kenya, you have the assurance of getting the service at a very affordable cost. The following are steps of creating an eye-catching website either for your company or personal use.

Steps for creating a website in Kenya

Website development involves some few essential stages that will assure you of a profitable online site.

  • Choose a website builder

A website builder is a ready-to-take software that helps you to create a website with little hustle. Many website builders provide an intuitive framework to develop, manage and customize your site. Many of the available website builders are easy to use hence suitable for a wide range of users. WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify,, and BoldGrid are some of the favorite web builders available. Many of these builders contain extra tools that aid the client to customize and market their website. However, one can pay for builder services on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Design the website

Creating a website without attractive features is like cooking a delicious meal without salt. The most conspicuous feature of your site is the logo. Select beautiful but relevant themes for your logo, articulate on the color, font size and the style of the logo. A well-designed website tempts the client to navigate to all features of the site. Catch your customer attention with colorful themes; lure them to stay for longer than they anticipated.

  • Content writing

When creating a website in Kenya, it is wise to have a clear objective as to why you are creating the site. Having a website with no content is like have an expensive car without a steering wheel. You need to fill the website with relevant and informative content that will be of benefit to the client. Relevant content is what makes a client to buy your service. Choosing the right words, images, and links are of paramount importance. Make it simple for the user to navigate, provide essential details, and the client will decide. Have a homepage, customer support, services and information on the company. Let clients know what they are buying, from whom they buy, and what assurance they have of quality service.

  • Launch your website

After completing the content and making sure that your website is presentable, the last step is to launch your site. Creating a website in Kenya requires that you choose your domain name carefully. Domain name is like the address of your house. On the internet, every website has a specific place of storage from which one can access it. The domain must be unique, short and depicts the purpose of your site. You will also need a hosting company who will allocate you a server space for you to store your data. A server is an online computer in which you can save any form of data which can be retrieved at any time.

Why create a website in Kenya

Creating a website in Kenya is therefore not a complicated issue as you may think. If you are not willing to do all this stuff, many service providers can do this service for you at a cost. You don’t need to be a guru to make a good website, but if you want to survive in business, then a website is a must for you. For you to have a strong client base, access to more resources and information, then creating a good website is a must for you. The principle of the perfect market makes competition in Kenya very stiff; hence a good marketing strategy is essential. We are in the era where the customer is equally informed, and it is paramount for you to portray skill, expertise, and confidence in service delivery.