Cloud Technology in Kenya

Cloud technology in Kenya

It has been our custom to outsource more disk space from external drives if our primary space is not enough. The trend of storing our data in an external source is becoming old-fashioned by new technologies. The need for data security and easy information retrieval are the catalysts of this migration. Data security in Kenya with cloud storage is the most promising alternative to the traditional methods. Cloud technology in Kenya has come with uncountable favors like universal access, data safety, cost and customer support. Cloud technology has come to our rescue since we can have unlimited space to store all kind of data. It is not new that you have experience in a corrupted file or lost data due to backup failure.

Why cloud technology in Kenya

Maintaining the critical information about your company operations is of great essence. No manager or business executive is willing to pay the price of a missing document(s). Systematically keeping data is vital to track productions and make projections about the future, and this requires a good backup strategy. For many years, hard drives have been the source of backup, but still, there is a probability of virus infection and disk failure. Cloud technology in Kenya has come as a relief to anyone who seeks better storage and backups.

Advantages of cloud technology in Kenya

Data cloud technology is a collaborative online system of data computing run by numerous host companies. Through virtualization, different servers are interlinked to offer disk space where you can store your data with a guarantee of security. Using cloud technology in Kenya to store your data has several benefits;

Universal access

When using a hard drive media, you will need to connect your laptop all phone to the disk for you to access the files. But with cloud storage the only requirement is a working internet and web browser; you can access your data anywhere, anytime. You overcome the barriers of time and location when using cloud technology.


While buying a hard drive may seem cheaper than cloud subscription, cloud storage is inexpensive in the long run. What if your data is so much for a single disk? What if there is data corruption along the way? Will you be able to compensate the price of the information you lose? In fact, the more data you have, the larger the space you need and this gets expensive with time. With cloud technology in Kenya, you have unlimited access to harmonized space that you will never overuse with data.


External drives come with a warranty for replacement, but if the data is lost, you have no means of getting it back. It is risky since the physical drive plugins can infect your device with viruses. A physical storage media can be misplaced causing data loss or delays. However, using cloud storage, you have the assurance that your data is secure from malware infections. You have many backup sites in case data is not available from one server, you’ll still get it from others in the host. In contrast with physical storage, cloud technology guarantees you that your data cannot fall into unauthorized hands.


With many service providers getting into the market, cloud-based technologies are becoming cheaper. With many cloud vendors, there is a diversification of services and more accessibility to cloud solutions. Buying cloud technology in Kenya for your company gives you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is secure. Cloud solutions take care of your needs with utmost secrecy, 24/7 customer support and at affordable costs.