Choosing between Dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya


Choosing between Dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya

In many instances, we are stuck choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya. Maybe you want to start a personal blog on your area of interest. Marketing executives need blogs for marketing their products or create a bigger market base. When designing your website and choosing your host, it is essential to look at the functionalities of this website. Is it an entertainment website? Is it an informative directed blogging site or a marketing strategy? When you conclusively answer these questions, it is possible to choose the kind of web hosting package you require. When one clearly defines the needs of having an online webpage, it becomes easy when choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya.

Factors to consider when choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya

When it comes to having a website, you need to consider many factors that relate to web hosting. How busy and secure your site will be is an essential factor to consider since you have invested your money and time to have that website. The website of a company maybe informative oriented meaning that you will use it to pass valuable information to clients. The structure of your website plays a vital role in determining how useful that site will be. Following are features to consider when choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya.

Server Resources Control

When you purchase e dedicated server, you have the full access and control of the whole server. This means you have unlimited access to the resources of disc space, bandwidth, and whole hardware structure. When we talk about a dedicated server, it means that the entire physical server is dedicated to one company or a single site. With full control of your website, you can review performance, scale server resources and optimize settings. Having root access to the server means you can add plugins, application and change the operating system for your benefit.

With shared hosting plans, the user does not have the root access to the server hence cannot customize the server as per the needs. On a shared hosting environment, one can only customize the individual website. Shared hosting packages work on sharing principle whereby disk space, CPU, and bandwidth of a single server are distributed among many websites.  With shared hosting, you have no room to modify server resources to meet your needs.


When comparing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya, one notes that dedicated hosting is costly. The high cost of a dedicated server is because you rent the whole utility for your personal use. The maintenance cost lies squarely on the account holder of a dedicated server. Centrally, shared web hosting is way cheaper since you share the server cost with other site holders. The user is not responsible for the maintenance of the site hence more affordable to small-scale users. Unless you anticipate having considerable traffic or storing sensitive data, shared web hosting is more appealing in comparison with a dedicated server hosting.


When you buy a dedicated server, you rent all hardware and software resources which are a guarantee of protection. Dedicate server has IP blocking features, DDoS, and RAID storage packages that ensure that your data is secure. Given that you have full control to logins, updates and site monitoring makes dedicated server very safe. Conversely, shared hosting is less confident in that you share all server resources with other websites. The sharing environment can open an avenue of virus entry, bandwidth hogging and IP blocking by Host Company. Shared hosting guarantees 99.9% online availability but this might suffer downtime if there issues with the server.

Scaling and Performance

With dedicated servers, you can scale your server resources to meet the performance level of your site. With a growing need for more bandwidth and disk space, one can adjust accordingly, able to choose the software that best fits his website. However, performance on a shared hosting platform is limited to the resources provided by the host. Shared web hosting does not give the privilege of scaling, and one only customizes the website, not the server. Performance level in shared hosting varies depending on the traffic of other websites.

When choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya, you should be very keen to look at the features of each package. It is important to be assertive when selecting your service provider since this will determine how the site will perform. Web hosting is the most reliable way to market your brand with reduced cost.