Cheap web hosting services in Nairobi

Cheap web hosting services in Nairobi

For the last few years, digital marketing has been growing as one of the marketing strategies that individuals and companies use for their marketing purposes. Cheap web hosting services in Nairobi are now available at the disposal of any client who wishes to do digital marketing. But despite the increased use of this prime strategy, many people do not understand necessarily what web hosting is all about. In simple terms, web hosting is the process of making data available to clients online, and this service is offered by hosting companies with servers. In its unique way, web hosting helps to reach a wide range of customers with the minimal cost of application and saves time. With increased demand and complexity in digital marketing strategies, one can find cheap web hosting services ideal to meet the exact requirement of the company at an affordable price.

Ideal cheap web hosting services in Nairobi

Web hosting entails many services that come as a package to enable individuals and companies to realize set goals in the shortest time possible and within the constraints of the allocated budget. Different cheap web hosting services in Nairobi are available and are specially designed to give clients the maximum satisfaction without a lot of hustle. Many of the cheap web hosting services in Nairobi has some of the following features, depending on the needs of the customer. These plans vary depending on the reliability, cost, inherent traffic, and security of individual plan.

  • Shared web hosting: This is the cheapest and less reliable service as it contains hundreds of websites on the same server. They are readily available for clients with small budgets and meet most of the basic needs of web hosting. They are slower compared to other hosting packages due to shared disk space with other websites.
  • Dedicated servers: This is one of the most efficient and costly hosting platforms since it provides the user with all performance rights of the server. One can run any module and have access to the full use of the server privately hence a high guarantee of security, high-performance speed, and flexibility.
  • Reseller web hosting service: This package helps one to act as a web host whereby it is possible to distribute the service to other clients. This functionality is more admirable since one can allocate hosting services independently among the shared clients.
  • Cloud hosting: This is a very powerful hosting service since it allows the client to have many different servers with different utility billings. This functionality makes this service more appealing, scalable and very effective. Cloud hosting is a very cost-effective web hosting service since one pays according to the website traffic.

Why cheap web hosting services in Nairobi?

The procedure of web hosting involves some technicalities that many people who require this service do not understand. With the increased need for handling activities of the company, and making their products available on the internet, then it is viable to have cheap web hosting services in Nairobi to fulfill these needs. All these packages have functionalities such as PHP frameworks, WordPress, corporate emails, SSL Certificates, and cPanel control panel that helps clients to navigate and manage their websites with ease. The structure for the startup is easy, and there is 24/7 customer support in case of any inquiry that concerns web hosting.