VPS hosting services in Nairobi

Are there VPS hosting services in Nairobi?

VPS hosting services in Nairobi is a rapidly growing web hosting technology that has claimed much recognition due to its excellent features. VPS is a new way of website hosting that incorporates the working characteristics of shared and dedicated servers. The most prominent feature of VPS hosting services in Nairobi is due to the hybrid integration of both dedicated and shared hosting qualities.

VPS partitioning into several virtual servers with separate disk space, bandwidth, and individual operating system as it would be with a dedicated server. The type of server is what differentiates a VPS, and a dedicated server since the server that a client acquire in dedicated hosting is physical. Small-to-medium business entities that don’t have enough capital to get a fully-fledged dedicated server can opt for VPS hosting services.

How VPS hosting services in Nairobi work

When you buy a VPS account, the host gives you both a private and dedicated disk space on the individual virtual server within the shared working environment. The use of VPS hosting services in Nairobi allow you as the account holder to have access to your website. Virtual hosting also allows you to perform any modification like changing the operating system without affecting other users websites. Web hosting services can be created using Joomla, Drupal or even WordPress. VPS incorporates the features of dedicated hosting hence requires that the account holder have basic web hosting knowledge.

The hybrid feature of VPS hosting services in Nairobi has many accompanying advantages to the user.

Benefits of VPS web hosting services in Nairobi


using VPS assures you of root access to the virtual server where you can customize your website, customize your applications and modify the website to meet your needs.


As opposed to shared hosting, VPS hosting is not affected by the traffic of other websites that share the same physical server with your site and each private server runs as an individual entity.


Using a VPS is very convenient as one can have more site traffic without overusing your primary resources such as disc space and bandwidth.

Cost friendly

VPS is cheaper than dedicated hosting considering that you have access to many features as with a dedicated server. The ability to customize your server means you do not pay for features that you don’t need.


VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting since malware from other websites cannot have access to your webpage. Also, since you have the root access to the virtual server monitoring the site is simple.


similar to shared hosting, there is a guarantee of support from the host who has the control over the physical server.

disadvantages of using VPS hosting

Although VPS hosting services in Nairobi have many merits to celebrate, we cannot overlook the threat that this hosting may present to the user. The first thing to note is that VPS hosting is not as secure as with dedicated hosting. Secondly, the cost of VPS hosting is a bit higher than with shared hosting. if the host does not allocate the disk space properly, there might be issues of downtime with the virtual servers. To run a VPS host requires technical knowledge in hosting as the client is responsible for managing the website.

Who need VPS hosting services in Nairobi?

The excellent features of using VPS hosting services in Nairobi fits everyone who wishes to have similar functions as with the dedicated hosting at a lower cost. The added advantage of server control on a shared environment is an excellent opportunity for clients to customize their websites. The affordability of VPS hosting with an assurance of site security is more appealing to the user. Hence, it is clear that VPS is a bridge between shared and dedicated web hosting.