Web services in Nairobi

Web Services in Nairobi

web services in Nairobi

Web services in Nairobi

When one thinks of web hosting, a website is the only service that clicks into your mind. However, there is more than standard web hosting; companies have more web services in Nairobi at the disposal of the client. Many service providers have diversified their approach, and they are offering comprehensive web services to meet your needs. Nowadays, hosting companies are a one-stop-shop for all your online needs. A credible host will have more than one of the following features that accompany web hosting.

  • Website and application builders

Website building can be tiring and time-consuming when one needs a sophisticated website. Since the quality of your site will be as a result of time and cash invested, selecting good builder tools is important. If you are a newbie to website development, outsourcing will be the only option. With the complexity of creating a website, many hosting companies offer cheap and simple website builders. The charges of web and app building are way less expensive and reliable than hiring somebody to do it for you.

  • Web Design

Website design is one of the web services in Nairobi that one needs to utilize wisely. Designing the way you want your website to appear is an engaging task. Given the evolving technology, it is prudent to have a web design that portrays professionalism, credibility, and competitiveness. Purchasing web design service from your host assures you up-to-date features in the hosting package that you buy. Getting a website design from a web host guarantees you better SEO optimization and support on how to optimize articles.

  • Domain Names

When planning to host a website or a blog, domain registration is compulsory. Choosing a domain name is critical since a good name means more traffic search. Many hosting companies offer domain registration services alongside their hosting plans. The service ensures that you get extraordinary customer experience with TLD and country-specific domains. It is crucial for you to check how your web host offers domain names; either as package bundle or separate with web plans.

  • SSL Certificates

When it comes to web hosting, the security of your data is vital. A secure website ensures that your customers have confidence in your services. An encrypted website ensures availability of data, and downtimes are reduced. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is the online protocol that encrypts websites to free them from data corruption. SSL certificates can be offered by your hosting company to act as a caution against fraudulent entries to your site. These certificates are essential in online marketing or where there is online registration of clients.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must-get service if you have a website. In the era where there are millions of websites, you need tools to make your online presence felt. Having a well-designed website that nobody knows or searches makes no impact on your business. Most companies will help you market your website over the internet using specific keywords. SEO makes your website competitive by attracting more clicks and better Google rankings. Purposeful SEO techniques improve your site reachability by internet users.

Why comprehensive web services in Nairobi

It is therefore imperative to know all web services in Nairobi that your web host can offer. Purchasing comprehensive services from a single host provider saves you time. When you have a single account for all your web services in Nairobi ensures that you get better customer support from your host. It is possible to achieve customization of your websites and attain more scalability.






Managed WordPress Hosting in Nairobi

Managed WordPress Hosting in Nairobi

Your website performance will depend on the web hosting plan that you buy. With increasing demand for hosting services by all categories of people, hackers and scum hosts are on the rise. However, WordPress is one of the most reliable web hosting avenues on the market. It ranks the top website builder utility and also among the best performing hosting providers. Managed WordPress hosting in Nairobi offers robust security, unmatched SEO utilities, and extensive customization of your website.

Managed hosting is a service which regulates and controls all technical aspects of a WordPress website. WordPress in itself commands a wide range of customers and experts ranging from developers to bloggers. WordPress has both managed and unmanaged hosting plans which vary in cost and features. Unmanaged plans are far cheaper and require one to take deliberate motive to develop and maintain it. Managed WordPress hosting in Nairobi is becoming the dominant CMS application for a wide range of clientele in Kenya.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting in Nairobi

When we talk about web hosting, we are digging deep into the broad spectrum of digital content availability. We create websites to inform, search for market, to teach, and all kinds of social transactions. However, if these sites lack proper management and control, they can result in huge loses of capital and time investments. Managed WordPress hosting in Nairobi caters for all your hosting needs with utmost professionalism. Contrary to unmanaged WordPress hosting, the managed hosting plans have the following benefits;


As opposed to unmanaged hosting, managed WordPress plans to ensure that your site is free from malware infections. Managed hosting comes with inbuilt plugins that periodically scans your site for viruses. Managed WordPress hosting in Nairobi updates your site frequently with consistent backups of data.

Customer Support

When you purchase managed WordPress hosting, you are subscribing to 24/7 skilled free customer care. Hosting companies who offer managed WordPress hosting in Kenya train their agents to acutely respond to any common or technical error you may face.

Uptime Monitoring

When it comes to checking the performance of your site, managed WordPress support team will do that for you. This gives peace of mind as you don’t need to worry about your online rankings because we closely monitor your site.  With managed WordPress hosting in place customer experience is at the peak as there is no downtime or unavailable site.



Nothing is satisfying as knowing that your site design, format, and themes are specially tailored to meet your customer needs. With managed WordPress hosting in Nairobi, you can customize, filter and design tour products to meet your desires. Managed WordPress plans have special utilities that fit across all sectors of the economy as well as copyright and catching plugins.


Where to get Managed WordPress Hosting in Nairobi

Once you are through with the critical analysis of your website needs, you are at liberty to buy your product from available vendors. Many hosting providers are registered to offer managed WordPress hosting in Nairobi at substantial prices. However, it is wise to do market research and find the provider who precisely provides what you need. With different hosts comes a varying level of satisfaction depending on what you are looking for in the market.

Dedicated and VPS Hosting in Kenya

Dedicated and VPS Hosting in Kenya

Many business owners are demanding web hosting services at an escalating rate. In our daily activities of running our organizations, we face challenges of increasing demand for our services. Web hosting is an excellent platform for any entity that offers public service to adopt. When you have a good working website, there is ease in functionalities of the company/business. Great sites are a consequence of prudent hosting plans that support your online presence. For startups, shared web hosting is the most appealing package of hosting but with growth; you need to upgrade to better plans. Dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya are the two premium alternatives at your disposal, but which of the two is best for you?

Dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya- what is the right choice?

One needs to be very assertive not to make a mistake when it comes to making the choices of asset investment. Selecting the most appropriate hosting plan for your business is of importance. Having an ever available, secure and fast website signifies excellent branding, more profits and exceptional efficiency in service delivery. As opposed to shared hosting, both VPS and dedicated hosting are faster, more secure, reliable and offers the best performance; but what is the line between the two? Your online customers will buy your services if and only if, the website is attractive, easy to navigate and meeting their needs in time. When your site is unavailable, or it’s slow then it means you are at the risk of losing clients.

Comparison between dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya

Server resources

The hosting company rent the whole server resources to a single dedicated account holder. When you opt for dedicated hosting, it means that you possess all the server resources alone without any monitoring or interference. With VPS hosting, one physical server is partitioned into several “virtual” servers, and the host reserves each portion for a single website. Virtualization means that you operate an online dedicate server when using a VPS hosting plan. The only difference with dedicated hosting is the limited access to server resources, but the approach is similar.

Cost and skill requirements

In contrast with shared hosting, dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya are costly when purchasing them. But comparing the two packages, VPS is cheaper as multiple users pay server costs. Dedicated server demands maintenance cost of the physical server as opposed to the virtual server in VPS hosting. The host does not provide maintenance for the dedicated server; it is upon the user to see that the server is in good shape. Conversely, VPS host provider maintains the physical server and might also administer the virtual server at a cost.


Dedicated servers are undoubtedly the most secure hosting plans you can get. Since you control all server resources and traffic, it means there are minimal threats to virus infection. Regardless that VPS has individual allocates (portions); there is a significant percentage of virus bypass between allocates. However, the almost non-existent threats do not make VPS hosting insecure to use.


Dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya packages are reliable in comparison with shared hosting as they operate independently with substantial server resources. Since the dedicated server has more resources than VPS hosting, it displays better performance when dealing with high traffic. The sole control of the dedicated server, company administrator, makes server and site updates in time.

Configuration and Customization

Since you have the root access to the software and hardware of the server, you have the authority to configure settings as you want. When your needs change, it is upon you to choose and custom9ize the server to your satisfaction. With VPS hosting such configurations are not possible since you do not have access to the physical server. You can, however, customize the virtual server to meet your needs.

How to decide between dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya

It is hard to decide between dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya due to the similar features of the two packages. However, it is prudent to takes VPS hosting if your company is not generating enough capital to support a dedicated server. If you are running an online enterprise VPS hosting will serve you right. When it comes to handling sensitive information like bank or confidential information, dedicated hosting is best for you. A dedicated server offers peace of mind and assures you that no outside threat can interfere with your data.

Domain names in Kenya

Domain names in Kenya

Domain name is perhaps the most crucial part of your website. When choosing the name that internet surfers will need to access your site, you should consider using an understandable domain. Domain names in Kenya are online web naming facilities provided by different registered service providers. A domain name is a specific address conventionally used to locate your website/ computer. During the initial stages of internet use, IP addresses were the primary reference point for computers. Nevertheless, the robust increase in the number of internet users, Internet Protocol (IP addresses) becomes more complicated to use. Although IP is unique for all computers, they contain a series of numbers that are hard to memorize. The use of domain plays an alternative approach of surfing the internet whereby; you don’t need to remember the IP addresses.

Utilities of domain names in Kenya

Most people confuse a web domain name and the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). URL is the reference address that redirects the user where to find a specific document (or a string) in web pages. On the other hand, a domain name is contained within the URL and is the reference point of your website over the World Wide Web. Domain names in Kenya are controlled by DNS (Domain Name System) which is an online server that monitors all domain names in the world. Additionally, a DNS server incorporates all domain names and their corresponding hostnames to harmonize how websites function.

Three major components make up the structure of a domain name, using an arbitrary example; www.myname.com.

Www- is a sub-domain prefix abbreviating World Wide Web

myname- signifies the sub-domain

.com- this signifies the Top-level-Domain (TLD)

The conventional naming procedure of domain names is from right to left whereby the TLD occupies the highest level in the domain hierarchy system. TLD assures that the end user can navigate the website with much ease. There are two major categories of top-level domains; the generic TLDs (.com, .net, etc.) or country code TLDs (.Ke, .Uk, etc.). Since the generic TLDs are conventionally acceptable, it is prudent to use them when registering domain names in Kenya. With the increase in the number of online websites, it is advisable to choose a unique domain name. When selecting the name of your domain, the underlying need is to reach out to your clients hence the domain name should entail the keywords of your website.

Why choose domain names in Kenya?

A website for your business increases your capacity to market your products, make a brand for your company as well as tap into the unexpected opportunities. Having a good website without proper navigation tools is like having a house without an address. There are many online vendors who sell domain names in Kenya. Many web hosting companies will also extend the service of domain registration so that you operate on the same hosting account. When choosing domain names in Kenya, let your domain tell the client the service you are offering. The simplicity and objectivity of your domain name will guarantee immense company success.

Email Hosting in Kenya

Email Hosting in Kenya

In the era of high technological advancement, internet takes the most central part of our daily communication. In the business world, communication is the most vital asset that any company or form of business owns. A company needs to create relationships with customers, suppliers, and brand itself in the market. With such data traffic, sensitive information may be relayed from and to the company. The shifting of almost all business activities to the use of the internet has seen the tremendous use of emails as a formal means of communication. No matter the size of your company/ business, it is imperative that you formulate an official means of communication. Email hosting in Kenya caters for all your mailing requirements with utmost security and professionalism.

What is Email Hosting in Kenya?

With evolving technology, fax and phone communication has been the primary form of communication in organizations. However, the scenario is changing as corporate communications have diversified to accommodate email as the formal and standard means of communication. Many search engines like Google and Yahoo have free email services that do not charge a cent. Moreover, for a busy business entity, such free mailing platforms are not appropriate. Email hosting in Kenya is an online platform that conducts and operate email servers. As opposed to having your email server, you contact an email provider such as the outlook for premium mailing services.

Benefits of Email Hosting in Kenya

Communication in any organization takes part in two forms, internal (between employees or management) or external (outside the company walls). Regardless of the type of communication, the need for accurate information that carries professionalism is of importance. Following are the benefits of email hosting in Kenya;

  • Security

Any serious business owner or company should be cautious to take care of their data. Mailing over the internet can be at risk from malicious people who track sensitive information of companies. On the email website, you contain vital details of your company, invoices, and other confidential information. If unauthorized personnel get access to this data, it will jeopardize your company. Email hosting takes care of all your data by powerful encryption that ensures that on the rightful recipients get access to the information.

  • Storage capacity

Email hosting plans offer adequate disk space to store thousands of email data. The host ensures that no matter the amount of data that you transact, there is always space. In contrast to the traditional free email plans that have limited space, these hosting email packages offer you a better deal.

  • Virus filters

The most admirable feature of email hosting is the tools for filtering spam and viruses. The filtration ensures that all spam emails do not appear on the important tabs in the mailbox.

  • Address book

Email hosting provides the users within the company the email addresses of all other emails. Address book enables composing, replying, copying emails easier and faster. It is, therefore, a wise decision to have to host email service rather than relying on free webmail. Email web hosting in Kenya will allow you to achieve business goals easier and within time constraints. You will accomplish more organizational goals within the working environment of the company.

Creating a website in Kenya

Creating a website in Kenya

The process of creating a website in Kenya can be challenging to newbies who may not have relevant skills. However, with the advancement in technology, most of these workings are simplified. If you wish to board the bandwagon of web hosting, it is then imperative that you have a good website. Creating a website in Kenya involves few steps which are comfortable in approach and implementation. If you lack in the technical skills of creating a website in Kenya, you have the assurance of getting the service at a very affordable cost. The following are steps of creating an eye-catching website either for your company or personal use.

Steps for creating a website in Kenya

Website development involves some few essential stages that will assure you of a profitable online site.

  • Choose a website builder

A website builder is a ready-to-take software that helps you to create a website with little hustle. Many website builders provide an intuitive framework to develop, manage and customize your site. Many of the available website builders are easy to use hence suitable for a wide range of users. WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Web.com, and BoldGrid are some of the favorite web builders available. Many of these builders contain extra tools that aid the client to customize and market their website. However, one can pay for builder services on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Design the website

Creating a website without attractive features is like cooking a delicious meal without salt. The most conspicuous feature of your site is the logo. Select beautiful but relevant themes for your logo, articulate on the color, font size and the style of the logo. A well-designed website tempts the client to navigate to all features of the site. Catch your customer attention with colorful themes; lure them to stay for longer than they anticipated.

  • Content writing

When creating a website in Kenya, it is wise to have a clear objective as to why you are creating the site. Having a website with no content is like have an expensive car without a steering wheel. You need to fill the website with relevant and informative content that will be of benefit to the client. Relevant content is what makes a client to buy your service. Choosing the right words, images, and links are of paramount importance. Make it simple for the user to navigate, provide essential details, and the client will decide. Have a homepage, customer support, services and information on the company. Let clients know what they are buying, from whom they buy, and what assurance they have of quality service.

  • Launch your website

After completing the content and making sure that your website is presentable, the last step is to launch your site. Creating a website in Kenya requires that you choose your domain name carefully. Domain name is like the address of your house. On the internet, every website has a specific place of storage from which one can access it. The domain must be unique, short and depicts the purpose of your site. You will also need a hosting company who will allocate you a server space for you to store your data. A server is an online computer in which you can save any form of data which can be retrieved at any time.

Why create a website in Kenya

Creating a website in Kenya is therefore not a complicated issue as you may think. If you are not willing to do all this stuff, many service providers can do this service for you at a cost. You don’t need to be a guru to make a good website, but if you want to survive in business, then a website is a must for you. For you to have a strong client base, access to more resources and information, then creating a good website is a must for you. The principle of the perfect market makes competition in Kenya very stiff; hence a good marketing strategy is essential. We are in the era where the customer is equally informed, and it is paramount for you to portray skill, expertise, and confidence in service delivery.

Choosing between Dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya


Choosing between Dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya

In many instances, we are stuck choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya. Maybe you want to start a personal blog on your area of interest. Marketing executives need blogs for marketing their products or create a bigger market base. When designing your website and choosing your host, it is essential to look at the functionalities of this website. Is it an entertainment website? Is it an informative directed blogging site or a marketing strategy? When you conclusively answer these questions, it is possible to choose the kind of web hosting package you require. When one clearly defines the needs of having an online webpage, it becomes easy when choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya.

Factors to consider when choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya

When it comes to having a website, you need to consider many factors that relate to web hosting. How busy and secure your site will be is an essential factor to consider since you have invested your money and time to have that website. The website of a company maybe informative oriented meaning that you will use it to pass valuable information to clients. The structure of your website plays a vital role in determining how useful that site will be. Following are features to consider when choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya.

Server Resources Control

When you purchase e dedicated server, you have the full access and control of the whole server. This means you have unlimited access to the resources of disc space, bandwidth, and whole hardware structure. When we talk about a dedicated server, it means that the entire physical server is dedicated to one company or a single site. With full control of your website, you can review performance, scale server resources and optimize settings. Having root access to the server means you can add plugins, application and change the operating system for your benefit.

With shared hosting plans, the user does not have the root access to the server hence cannot customize the server as per the needs. On a shared hosting environment, one can only customize the individual website. Shared hosting packages work on sharing principle whereby disk space, CPU, and bandwidth of a single server are distributed among many websites.  With shared hosting, you have no room to modify server resources to meet your needs.


When comparing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya, one notes that dedicated hosting is costly. The high cost of a dedicated server is because you rent the whole utility for your personal use. The maintenance cost lies squarely on the account holder of a dedicated server. Centrally, shared web hosting is way cheaper since you share the server cost with other site holders. The user is not responsible for the maintenance of the site hence more affordable to small-scale users. Unless you anticipate having considerable traffic or storing sensitive data, shared web hosting is more appealing in comparison with a dedicated server hosting.


When you buy a dedicated server, you rent all hardware and software resources which are a guarantee of protection. Dedicate server has IP blocking features, DDoS, and RAID storage packages that ensure that your data is secure. Given that you have full control to logins, updates and site monitoring makes dedicated server very safe. Conversely, shared hosting is less confident in that you share all server resources with other websites. The sharing environment can open an avenue of virus entry, bandwidth hogging and IP blocking by Host Company. Shared hosting guarantees 99.9% online availability but this might suffer downtime if there issues with the server.

Scaling and Performance

With dedicated servers, you can scale your server resources to meet the performance level of your site. With a growing need for more bandwidth and disk space, one can adjust accordingly, able to choose the software that best fits his website. However, performance on a shared hosting platform is limited to the resources provided by the host. Shared web hosting does not give the privilege of scaling, and one only customizes the website, not the server. Performance level in shared hosting varies depending on the traffic of other websites.

When choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya, you should be very keen to look at the features of each package. It is important to be assertive when selecting your service provider since this will determine how the site will perform. Web hosting is the most reliable way to market your brand with reduced cost.








Shared and VPS hosting in Kenya

Comparison between shared and VPS hosting in Kenya

It is essential to know the difference between shared and VPS hosting in Kenya when choosing a host for your website. The purpose of your site will determine which of the two hosting plans you take. The need for security, high performance, reliability, and control are some of the factors that you should look for in a hosting package. With Shared hosting, you share the same server resources with hundreds of websites hosted by a single company.  VPS hosting is where the hosting company subdivide a single server to make virtual individual and independent servers that host ones’ site. There are few differences between shared and VPS hosting in Kenya which make these plans suitable for different websites. Shared hosting is a standard service with basic functionality while VPS is more profound in service delivery.

Factors to consider when choosing between shared and VPS hosting in Kenya

When selecting the package to take between shared and VPS hosting, the following features are of importance to note.

Server Resources

With the shared hosting plan, your site will share all web resources of the same server with other websites that the host company has allocated. With VPS hosting package, one gets a virtual dedicated server which will provide all the resources that you need independently. When a shared server is working with many websites, their traffic is high hence shared hosting is slow. The virtual server has partitions of a hard disk, bandwidth and CPU thus VPS is faster than shared hosting.


Since shared hosting plans have shared resources, the performance of your website might be affected by the traffic from other sites on the same server. If the traffic from all the sites overwhelms the server resources, there is a possibility of downtime in shared hosting. VPS hosting is reliable since each virtual server has special allocation hence the performance is considerably high.


Shared hosting is cheaper compared to VPS hosting plan since all websites hosted by the server make the contributions. The initial cost of purchasing a shared hosting plan is low. The host company takes care of the maintenance cost of the server and its resources. VPS hosting is a premium service due to the particular allocation of resources; hence it is more costly than shared hosting.


Since many sites share environment host, there is no 100% guarantee of data security. Malware from other websites can find a way into your site if the security framework is not good enough. With VPS hosting, one can implement robust security features through customization. Since VPS hosting is on a private server, there is a minimal threat of malware infection on ones’ website.

Administration and control

On a shared hosting platform, the user has no responsibility to control the server hardware since Host Company maintains the server. You have limited authority over the server resources when operating on shared web hosting. In VPS hosting, the user is responsible for taking care of the virtual server resources. You will need an administrator to maintain the server for you since it is a bit technical to run the server. The tradeoff for this technicality is the ability to customize the virtual server to meet your desires.


During the initial stage shared web hosting is appropriate since the traffic and applications might not require large space or bandwidth. With growing spikes per given time, shared hosting may fail to meet this requirement due to limited resources. VPS is more responsive to increasing traffic and data as the server can be scaled to accommodate demand.

Therefore, it is wise to look keenly on the needs that your website might require before choosing the hosting plans. As a user, you should be able to distinguish between shared and VPS hosting in Kenya, look at particular features of each package and make an informed decision.

Cloud web hosting in Nairobi

Cloud web hosting in Nairobi

Cloud web hosting in Nairobi is available to customers via multiple interconnected servers. These online servers offer you all the essential requirements of website hosting. Cloud hosting means that the user derives all web hosting services from different online servers. The underlying term is the cloud which refers to a facility that obtains its utilities from numerous hosting providers. Cloud web hosting in Nairobi claims much popularity in the current age. Hosting on a cloud is on-demand web hosting approach due to its flexibility to adjust to traffic needs of the client.

Performance and approach of cloud web hosting in Nairobi

Cloud web hosting in Nairobi is procuring website computing resources from cloud service provider. Unlike dedicated servers, cloud web hosting uses virtual servers to get the utilities of hosting a website. More clearly, cloud web hosting is the use of virtual network connectivity, disc space, hardware and maintenance from the cloud provider. Virtualization enables the working of cloud web hosting service by multiple online cloud providers.

The use of cloud web hosting in Nairobi is an extension of clustered hosting where multiple servers pull their resources together in a cloud. Hosting on a cloud has two approaches depending on the security requirements of users. Public cloud hosting is whereby all activities of the cloud are on open networks and data is shared between the servers. The use of public hosting means that the underlying approach to date sharing, network infrastructure, and the operating system is similar. Private cloud hosting implies that data is shared on private secure networks by the web providers.

Benefits of cloud web hosting

For clients seeking cloud web hosting in Nairobi are tapping to the fantastic opportunity of website hosting. The use of cloud hosting is commonly called on-demand website hosting. The following are the benefits of using the cloud.


When using cloud hosting, the cost you pay depends on the amount of data on your website and website traffic. Compared with dedicated hosting where on acquires the whole infrastructure, cloud hosting services are cheaper since the server is online. All the hardware, space and networking tools are provided for by the cloud provider.


Cloud hosting is the most reliable hosting plans one can ever get. The use of virtualized interconnected servers guarantees reliability. As opposed to traditional hosting where only one server was in use, cloud hosting depends on multiple servers to run. The purpose of various servers is beneficial in the sense that if one server goes down, your website still runs smoothly. The client is assured that there is no downtime on the site.

Scalable and customizable

With the use of virtualization, one’s website bandwidth, disk size, and CPU functionality are adjustable on demand. The customer is given control to customize the website appearance or even add another feature.

Data security

Since clients’ data is on multiple physical servers, there is a reduction in data redundancy. If there is a loss of data from one server, there exist more backup copies from other servers within the cloud. Hence, the client has the assurance that the data is secure and readily available when needed.

Concerns about cloud web hosting in Nairobi

Cloud web hosting rises several questions concerning security and control. Since the data is within a cloud, the accessibility to your data depends on connection availability. If there are issues in the cloud virtualization, downtime may be experienced but not often. Security of sensitive data is another concern of cloud web hosting in Nairobi. Many clients might feel insecure bearing in mind that the information is available on multiple servers. Regardless, cloud web hosting in Nairobi is the new assured way to having high traffic without experiencing downtime.

Reseller hosting in Nairobi

Thinking of Reseller Hosting in Nairobi?

Do you think of having a web host to have your websites online and at the same time open a business venture by giving your acquaintances a chance to be available online? If you are planning to have larger online traffic and an epic host branding, then reseller hosting in Nairobi is appropriate to nature this dream.  Reseller hosting is gaining prominence with the advance in technology coupled with the growing demand for web hosting by individual and corporate clients. Reseller hosting in Nairobi is a platform whereby one can utilize the basic web hosting resources of the parent web hosting company and redistributes such allocated resources to other interested clients who wish to have a website. These resources available to the reseller include disk space, bandwidth, and a certain level of root control, control panel and capability to brand your company.

Reseller Hosting in Nairobi appropriate for me?

Many people have joined the bandwagon of digital marketing, but very few understand the available web hosting plans that best suits their individual needs. Understanding the features of each web hosting package will undoubtedly help one to make the most appropriate decision depending on the characteristics of your website needs. Reseller hosting in Nairobi is very suitable for designers as they can offer subsidized web hosting services to their clients. The workability and approach of reseller hosting in Nairobi are very simple since the host and reseller agree on the terms by which to resell the web space. They can decide for example, that for every new client the reseller registers, he pays a fixed rate to the host company.

Reseller hosting assumes slightly different features depending on the host company. However, in spite of the few differences that these companies have, all reseller hosting services have many common characteristics that harmonize the nature of this hosting. These selves include robust bandwidth, ample hard drive space, easy to use control panel interface whereby one can customize the appearance of the website to meet individual needs. Also, a reseller can be able to modify their hosting to assume similar features as those with the original hosting company. Many of reseller hosting in Nairobi allows one to manage basic plans such as disk allocation to the distributed clients and also the freedom to charge prices for the service.

Merits and demerits of Reseller Hosting in Nairobi

Reseller hosting has many unlimited advantages to the reseller and the clients who seek this particular web hosting plan. Marketing consultants, web site designers, graphic designers and database programmers can use this reseller program to connect with their clients. Since most companies offer this plan to resellers on a wholesale price, reseller hosting in Nairobi can be cheaper than cloud and dedicated web hosting. However, since reseller hosting is not directly monitored by the parent host company, support to clients may not be efficient. For a person who needs a website with high traffic or hosting big files, reseller hosting is not appropriate since the disk space allocated by the reseller is small. There are several reseller hosting companies in Nairobi and one need to be assertive when choosing the service provider.