Best web hosting companies in Kenya

How to choose the best web hosting companies in Kenya

People prefer to have a website for different reasons. Whether one is choosing a website for corporate or personal use, it is essential to have the best web hosting companies in Kenya who will serve to meet these needs. One can choose to get a website for personal needs such as to share files, videos, and photos with friends or even to host a blog in one’s line of interest. A company or a business entity can have a website for them to market their products, connect with new prospects or even open up to new ideas and resources.  Before choosing a web hosting company, one needs to consider several factors about the services that this company provides.

Features that best web hosting companies in Kenya have

For a service provider to be included among the best web hosting companies in Kenya, it is imperative for such web hosting provider to have fundamental defining features. These factors assure the client of getting the best experience, build relationships and create a sense of confidence in the services of the company. When shopping for your next hosting provider, you need to have the following elements inherent in the best web hosting companies in Kenya;

  • Cost: Before purchasing any package from a particular host, do market research from other service providers offering similar service. It is wise to consider the initial cost of getting your website hosted and the features of your website. There are free website services, but for a business-oriented webpage, this is not a good option since commercial ads survive free sites. For best web hosting service companies in Kenya, the price and features of the site go hand in hand.
  • Reliability: When looking for a host to work with, it is essential to consider how reliable your service provider is. A good website should be uptime always, and if your company’s website is unavailable, it can translate into massive losses. Slow websites are irritating to the user and can cause one to lose customers hence the host should avail history of uptime percentages for clients before they buy their services. Best web hosting companies in Kenya have high uptime percentages so that websites will be available always.
  • Disk space and bandwidth: One need to consider the plans a company has particularly the space required and the speed of data transfer. Depending on the size of files one stores on the website and expected traffic, one can be able to know the size of disk allocation and bandwidth.
  • Customer support: The hosting company should have quick, reliable and customer friendly support infrastructure. When choosing web hosting service providers, it is wise to look at the underlying support system whether it is by email, telephone support or in FAQS because somewhere you will need this support.
  • Longevity of the company: In the era of digitalization, many pop-up companies will try to get into the market, serve for a while and then vanish like smoke. When looking for best web hosting companies in Kenya, it is advisable that you look at the history of the company, read the testimonials of other customers and then decide the best company that suits you. Companies that have been in the market for a considerable period have good ratings and services assure the client of longevity.

Therefore, when choosing among the best web hosting companies in Kenya, the above five factors are important to consider in order to leap the best from your website as an individual or a company.