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Web services in Nairobi

Web services in Nairobi When one thinks of web hosting, a website is the only service that clicks into your mind. However, there is more than standard web hosting; companies have more web services in Nairobi at the disposal of the client. Many service providers have diversified their approach, and they are offering comprehensive web […]

Email host providers in Nairobi

Features of email host providers in Nairobi Email service should be a priority for your business operations to run smoothly. Having a free email service is a good idea considering cost, but free email services have space limits. Many email host providers in Nairobi offer services that will enable you to customize and brand your […]

Cloud Technology in Kenya

Cloud technology in Kenya It has been our custom to outsource more disk space from external drives if our primary space is not enough. The trend of storing our data in an external source is becoming old-fashioned by new technologies. The need for data security and easy information retrieval are the catalysts of this migration. […]

Managed WordPress Hosting in Nairobi

Managed WordPress Hosting in Nairobi Your website performance will depend on the web hosting plan that you buy. With increasing demand for hosting services by all categories of people, hackers and scum hosts are on the rise. However, WordPress is one of the most reliable web hosting avenues on the market. It ranks the top […]

Dedicated and VPS Hosting in Kenya

Dedicated and VPS Hosting in Kenya Many business owners are demanding web hosting services at an escalating rate. In our daily activities of running our organizations, we face challenges of increasing demand for our services. Web hosting is an excellent platform for any entity that offers public service to adopt. When you have a good […]

Domain names in Kenya

Domain names in Kenya Domain name is perhaps the most crucial part of your website. When choosing the name that internet surfers will need to access your site, you should consider using an understandable domain. Domain names in Kenya are online web naming facilities provided by different registered service providers. A domain name is a […]

Email Hosting in Kenya

Email Hosting in Kenya In the era of high technological advancement, internet takes the most central part of our daily communication. In the business world, communication is the most vital asset that any company or form of business owns. A company needs to create relationships with customers, suppliers, and brand itself in the market. With […]

Creating a website in Kenya

Creating a website in Kenya The process of creating a website in Kenya can be challenging to newbies who may not have relevant skills. However, with the advancement in technology, most of these workings are simplified. If you wish to board the bandwagon of web hosting, it is then imperative that you have a good […]

Choosing between Dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya

  Choosing between Dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya In many instances, we are stuck choosing between dedicated and shared hosting in Kenya. Maybe you want to start a personal blog on your area of interest. Marketing executives need blogs for marketing their products or create a bigger market base. When designing your website and […]

Shared and VPS hosting in Kenya

Comparison between shared and VPS hosting in Kenya It is essential to know the difference between shared and VPS hosting in Kenya when choosing a host for your website. The purpose of your site will determine which of the two hosting plans you take. The need for security, high performance, reliability, and control are some of […]