Affordable web hosting plans in Kenya

Affordable web hosting plans in Kenya

With the changing state of marketing strategy in the business environment in Kenya, every player in the market is striving to reach target customers in the most reliable, fast and affordable channel possible. In the new era of digital marketing, every individual or company that wishes to build a competitive brand which portrays the best business acumen, it is imperative to look at the most affordable web hosting plans in Kenya. The time has come for all serious players in the media, manufacturing, public service, real estate, insurance and every other sector of the economy to have a good brand in order for them to remain relevant in such a competitive market.

Are you looking for affordable web hosting plans in Kenya?

The whole issue of web hosting can be traumatizing for newbies as they do not know where and how to start hosting a website. It is not surprising that web hosting is a non-existent vocabulary in your business dictionary. The good news is that the time of worry is over since there are so many affordable web hosting plans in Kenya that are designed acutely to serve to the best of your interest. Many of the existing affordable web hosting plans in Kenya has been simplified for the whole process of starting to the very last bit of making the website available to the online users. The initial step of domain registration is convenient with clients who need to market their products online.

The availability of many customer friendly and affordable web hosting plans serves to satisfy all customers in the market. These hosting plans are accessed depending on the needs of a specific client who wishes to market online. Four basic plans are at the disposal of our customers, and it is important to note that these hosting packages are affordable and will meet the exact needs of the clients. All of these available web hosting plans differ majorly depending on the bandwidth, security, speed, cost and control rights.

List of affordable web hosting plans in Kenya

Depending on the allocated budget, the particular objectives a client has for web hosting and the size of files that need to be hosted, one can choose amongst the following affordable web hosting plans in Kenya;

  • Shared web hosting: This particular hosting involves a single server with many online websites that share the CPU and other necessary server infrastructures.
  • Dedicated web hosting: This is whereby the host company gives the client full access to the server infrastructure. The account holder has full rights as to which operating system to use, full access to the server which is solely owned by the client.
  • Cloud web hosting: This is a very advanced hosting service as the client’s data is shared and retrieved between many interconnected servers which are owned by different host companies.
  • Virtual private servers (VPS): This is a hybrid between dedicated and shared hosting service. The good thing with VPS is that one has more root access to the functionality of the server.
  • Reseller hosting: This is whereby the account owner has the rights to share with third parties allocated disk space and bandwidth.

Therefore, it is more convenient and simple to find affordable web hosting plans in Kenya that suits your needs.